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Is your business looking to introduce new products or services that will attract consumers and grow your brand? Then working with GoldAllure to develop your plan can be the difference between a failed or successful launch. Innovation is when a business steps away from the normality of things and decides to implement new ideas that can trigger growth. The future of your business depends on how well you can innovate. GoldAllure works closely with the partner to develop new products and services that will specifically achieve their goals and create an even better consumer relationship with your brand. To get started, fill out the form below or give us a call at 716-622-8543.

Our Most Recent Project

Business: Mariachi De Oro Mexican Grill

Launch: New Product - “The Medina Taco”

Goal: Increase sales for tacos and get the community excited about it.

Project Plan: After thorough analysis and team collaboration, we decided to create a new taco to serve on the Mariachi De Oro menu. The new taco was to be named after the very town Mariachi De Oro resides to make this taco special to the people they serve. However, that is not it. We decided to let the people of the town actually help pick the ingredients of the taco by popular demand via social media. This not only excited the consumers to eat the new taco, but also gave them an opportunity to be involved in the process of innovation. After the taco was complete. We set up specialized branding and social media marketing campaigns to reach Mariachi De Oro’s target audience with the perfect crafted message.

Results: 26% increase in taco sales - first month.

Video Campaign Link: “The Medina Taco” Facebook Video Campaign

Menu Picture:

The Medina Taco "GoldAllure"

The Medina Taco

Mariachi De Oro Mexican Grill


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