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Jose Gil

GoldAllure Graphic Designer

Born and raised in the Caribbean, José David Gil is a designer and illustrator graduated from The School of Design of Altos de Chavón and the Rochester Institute of Technology in NY, with two majors in his pocket and a soon to come Master's degree. Since very little he's been invested in the arts in general and the design fields. He has worked for brands such as Taco Bell, burger king, Hyundai, Colgate, Garnier, Mini cooper, maybelline and others.


Daeil Kim

GoldAllure Producer & Videographer

Daeil Kim is an aspiring Korean-American filmmaker born in South Korea. His narrative short film "Re-rehab" was premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival Shorts. He is currently completing his B.A. Degree at University at Buffalo. Please visit to watch his work.


Daniel Richardson

GoldAllure Videographer

With his undergraduate degree in video production, Dan has been working steadily as a Buffalo-area videographer for the past eight years. From weddings to commercials and everything between, film making is his passion—next to traveling, of course.


Randy D. Golda

GoldAllure Brand Manager

GoldAllure has been one of the greatest successes of my business career and will continue to be so. GoldAllure was founded with a vision to make the world a better place by evolving the way people and organizations communicate across the globe. Before my start at GoldAllure I first attended college at the well known Rochester Institute of Technology. Here I studied Electrical Mechanical Engineering and went on to study Computer Programming. After attending R.I.T I then furthered my education at Hilbert College school of Business. Here is where I learned the valuable skills of being a President & CEO in the contextual way. Motivation, delegation, leadership, innovation, marketing, you name it. After attending Hilbert College I then was offered a Head Sales Manager position at Arkadia Media, a boutique marketing agency for big clients such as Verizon. Here I held this position for about a year until I decided it was time to get into business for myself and actually stand for my true purpose. Help people and organizations effectively communicate to impact the world around us.  

Contact Randy

Phone: Cell 716-622-8543